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plz post links without 'http://'...
bullshitler:denitiv wahlbetrug, kann doch alles gar nicht sien!
admin:dachte, sjw posts gabs hier schon viele. triggylpuff is mir neu.
bullshittler:ein bisschen spät, das aufgreifen des sjw themen complex..aber in einem abgeschiedenen alpen dorf bekommt man vermutlich alles erst etwas später mit
bullshittler:ich hoffe wenn dann werden wir an österreich angeschlossen, und nicht andersherum

you probably don't have access to this...
The links. This is why you are here.
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26.06.16#proudtobe youtube comments best of by admin[Image]
26.06.16Ducan by admin[Image]
23.06.16pranking future linguists by admin[Image]
20.06.16the joys of VR by admin[Image]
20.06.16gotta love yard sales by admin[Image]
20.06.16The EU doesn't take No for an answer... by admin[Image]
20.06.16EM survival scenarios for Austria by admin[News]
17.06.16mimimi ORF by admin[News]
16.06.16motherhood. by admin[Image]
15.06.16feels great being a father [gifv] by admin[Image]
14.06.16Johann Gudenus - Lei lei? by admin[Other]
13.06.16Mike Tyson's abandoned mansion by admin[Image]
13.06.16cat fights snake with frog-tail [gifv] by admin[Image]
13.06.16recycling by admin[Image]
13.06.16awesome prank just requires bedsheet and bag by admin[Image]
13.06.16virus loves anti wax folks by admin[Image]
13.06.16govt agencies chase the rabbit by admin[Image]
11.06.16some memes... by admin[Image]
11.06.16The Passion of the Christ Reloaded: This Time it’s Biblical by admin[News]
09.06.16pied piper is here! by admin[HP]
09.06.16traditional birth control by admin[Image]
09.06.16moar train etiquette by admin[Image]
09.06.16-europe by admin[Image]
09.06.16european "strategy" by admin[Image]
09.06.16transniggerphobe by admin[Image]
09.06.162016 -,- by admin[Image]
09.06.16necrophilia mobile by admin[Image]
09.06.16ali's autograph by admin[Image]
09.06.16offensive garlic bread by admin[Image]
09.06.16Colorized Hardcore by admin[Image]
06.06.16a happy couple's car by admin[Image]
06.06.16bellyfuck [gifv] by admin[Image]
06.06.16snapchat condolences by admin[Image]
01.06.16Dr. Lesch: Wie gefährlich ist Hanf? by admin[Video]
01.06.16jpeg compression by admin[Image]

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