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Franky:ajo, die *hust* AKM gibts ja auch noch
admin:ja stimmt, habs wohl nicht so mit den akronymen ;) AKM sagt man hier zur GEMA im volksmund
Franky:die GEMA is nicht das GIS (das is die GEZ), sondern die AustroMechana (und Andere)
admin:Google mal "ORF Gebühren Info Service" :D
PeP:zitiert :-)

you probably don't have access to this...
The links. This is why you are here.
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16.09.14ORF recycled anscheinend wiedermal CIA Pressetexte by admin[News]
16.09.14organ theft prank by PeP[Video]
16.09.14Young people swap clothing with older people by admin[Image]
16.09.14Damned kids... by admin[Image]
15.09.14„Möge dieses Medium dazu beitragen, die Österreicher zu einem gut unterrichteten Volk zu machen.“ by admin[Other]
15.09.14Hilarious: Grandmas keep accidentally tagging themselves as Grandmaster Flash on Facebook by admin[News]
15.09.14Oh my Lord by PeP[Video]
15.09.14extremely drunk gif-compilation by Melodic[Image]
15.09.14Men shopping with their ladies by Melodic[Image]
15.09.14Oh, nothing, just a sunset on Mars... by admin[Image]
15.09.14When the Führer is not amused with your boobs by admin[Image]
15.09.14Black people on social media by Melodic[Image]
14.09.14Kenya West don't recognize his bros? by admin[Image]
14.09.14Nail Gun Ad by admin[Image]
14.09.14Befehlsverweigerung in Israel? by admin[News]
13.09.14Existential Crisis Cat by admin[Image]
12.09.14de Russn by PeP[Video]
12.09.14Video Mashup by PeP[Video]
11.09.14Papst tut gutes by admin[Image]
11.09.14Popeye runs out of Spinach by admin[Image]
09.09.14Ameisen bilden eine Kette by PeP[Video]
09.09.14Urlaub geplant und du suchst einen Hunde- oder Katzesitter? Bina Kleintierservice in München hilft! by admin[Other]
09.09.1412 Eric Cartman Life Lessons by admin[Video]
07.09.14Mutant Giant Spider Dog by admin[Video]
07.09.14just spinning the cat [gif] by admin[Image]
05.09.14Das perfekte Verbrechen in weniger als 60sek by Melodic[Video]
05.09.14Mike Supancic - ÖBB train by admin[Sound]
04.09.14Ultimate Instant Karma Compilation by PeP[Video]
04.09.14Das schreiben an H&M > so geil by PeP[Image]
03.09.14this is the last time i take acid... by admin[Image]
03.09.14i don't recognize any of these girls... by admin[Erotik]
03.09.14Extreme Clips by PeP[Video]
30.08.14Now Online Mag Tea After Twelve has just been released! by admin[News]
28.08.14Wiki of the day: Risk (board game) — Strategy by admin[Other]
28.08.14a workplace essential by admin[Image]

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